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Electricial Energy Efficiency

It is not generally realised that up to 8% of electricity bought by customers is wasted due to poor
installation practice and poor selection of plant. Installation Standards specify minimum cable
sizes consistent with thermal safety, i.e. such that the temperature is just low enough not to cause
failure of the insulation. This means that many cables run at temperatures of up to 70°C or even
90°C and the energy to generate this heat is being paid for. When the cost of this energy is taken
into account in a whole lifetime calculation it is apparent that the lowest overall cost is achieved
by installing larger cables giving lower running costs.

The luminous efficacy of lamps is the number of lumens produced for each watt of electrical power used. A theoretical, 100%-efficient, electric light source

Most households use standard “incandescent” light bulbs ranging from 40 watts to 100 watts. The light bulb has changed little since Thomas Edison invented it. Despite the fact that there is new technology out there, few people use the newer compact flourescent lights that are now on the market. These compact flourescent lights use dramatically less power but seem much more expensive, well we've done some maths, and come up with a surprising result.

Electricial Adding brand new cabinets

Adding brand new outlets and lights  immediately updates the room and brings to it a new sense of style and elegance. Custom installation of  quality is a home improvement project many homeowners jump into each and every day

other ideas for lighting are: floor lamps, table lamps, pendants, shades & glassware

I can not stress enough that you should ensure all power to your home is off before making any repairs. To check that the power is off with a lamp, you should have someone watch the lamp go off when you shut off the breaker. If you are pretty handy, just turn off the small breakers in your panel until you find the right one. This article is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Electricial Earthing and Earth Leakage

Earthing of electrical systems is required for a number of reasons, principally to ensure the safety
of people near the system and to prevent damage to the system itself in the event of a fault. The
function of the protective conductor, or earth, is to provide a low resistance path for fault current
so that the circuit protective devices operate rapidly to disconnect the supply. The resistance of
the earth path must be low enough so that the potential rise on the earth terminal and any
metalwork connected to it is not hazardous; a value of 50 volts is often quoted, but some locations
and circumstances require a lower limit.

Electricial Light and brightness

What are the lighting requirements of the activities planned for the Bedroom? Do existing windows provide adequate sunlight and a feeling of spaciousness? Will you use this room more during the day or in the evening? If artificial light is needed, would general lighting or task lighting be more suitable?

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